Healing Eden Holistic

Prices vary.  Please call to see what specials we may be running.  Check us out on Yelp

All of our Services are by appointment only:

Brain Tap:

A lovely piece of technology that helps you to retrain your brain.  If you have struggled with quitting smoking, losing weight, achieving goals, your child having trouble with social climate at school, Brain Tap can help you.  If you struggle with Insomnia, restless sleep, brain tap has a unique program that teaches you a skill to put you to sleep.  You wake up feeling refreshed, ready for your day

Everything from a light Swedish or a Firm Swedish, we customise the massage for you.  Your feed back is important.  We include the theraputic use of Essential oils, Hot towel compresses.

FIR Sauna:
This sauna before a massage is delightful, or sit in the sauna to detox.  This is a carbon heated sauna, it is a dry heat and you can control the temprature while you relax, read a book, listen to your own music or ours.  While sipping on water as you heat up and sweat out toxins.

Ionic foot bath:
You may have seen these advertized as a detox through your feet.  The water turns all kinds of interesting colors.  The one thing I know for sure about this process is the pain releif that many of my clients have felt after using this one time.  I cannot explain why or how, I just know it does.

Pregnancy Massage:
We utilize the side-lying system.  You will be comfortable, while we sooth away your stress, help eleviate your back, shoulder or neck pain.  Good for you and baby!